Thursday, March 5, 2009

Told you I would be back!

HAHAHAHA, 2 posts in one day...betcha didn't think I could do that!!! Kids are all asleep and Tadd is working graveyards...dishwasher is going, laundry is folded and ready to be put away, and I am ready to get this finished and go to bed!!! :)

Ethan and Tyler at Ethan's class Valentine party

Sam at Ethan's party...someone gave her a cookie with red was EVERYWHERE!!!!
(notice her CUTE overalls...the principal at the second elementary school made these for her! she is a very talented and creative lady! Thanks Mrs. Gallman!!!)

Bethany at her party

Bethany and Sam

Tyler and some of his classmates at their Valentine party...we were making visors...mine is the one hiding his face!! :)

Sam was so cute on this Sunday with her hair up in a big girl pony tail and bow!

Tadd found a new past time...shooting bb guns with the kids! the targets are drawn on the paper and taped to the was funny to look when they were done and see all the little bb marks from where they missed the paper!

Bethany eyeing up her target

Ethan aiming

I just love Tyler's stance!

Then we had Ethan's boy scout lock in! Now let me tell you that boy scouts is a daddy thing, from the beginning Tadd and I agreed that he did all the boy scout things and I would stay out of it! well, Tadd was in the middle of working 3 12 hour shifts back to back, going in at 2am and getting home at 2 in the afternoon, so; the boy scout lock in is from 5 in the evening till 2am (Tadd's sleeping time) so if I didn't take him then he would have to miss, so I did....there is more to this story... the whole group

Marshmallow shooters...FUN!

Too funny...some of them used the cafeteria tables as a fort! (Ethan is on the very end)

Then came the scooter races...these were fun to watch...

Deborah, this one is for you! Jacob in the scooter race.

Me and Ethan just hanging out

this is were the story gets good...around 11:00 the boys took these scooters out to the hallway where there is a slight incline (ramp) between the old building and the new addition...all was fun until the adults got can only go so fast by themselves, the adults (read 'dads') on the other hand started getting a little carried first it was fun for someone to push you and then you had to try to steer yourself around the corner to avoid smashing into the wall...well I got on for like the 3rd time (yeah I know I need to act my age) and 2 of the dads pushed me a little too fast, one of the kids stepped out in front of me on accident and I tried to slow myself down, well I STOPED myself and landed smack down on my knees!!! OMG I have some pretty nasty bruises still!!!

These are some of the skid marks on the ground where you have to either go left or right or crash into the wall....apparently some of us cannot control the scooters very well!!

Everyone getting their beds ready to watch the movie...we watched Clone Wars and had popcorn! The lock in ended about 1:30am and Ethan and I got home just in time to tell daddy goodbye...

then, I had to get up Sunday morning to teach the little kids Sunday school class, Tyler had a program at noon so I was just going to teach and then sneak out before church started...someone parked behind me!!!! long story short, Thanks Kurt for letting me take your suburban!!! We made it to the program and came home a took a LONG nap!!!

I have to download the rest of the pictures off my camera...stay tuned for some remodel pictures!!!

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