Thursday, March 5, 2009

A little catching up!

sorry, I have been MIA! a few school things, field trips, parties, read with me's, boyscout lock-ins, pinewood derby race, remodeling, recycle projects, sorority meeting, sick children, hubby working shifts, Kids First crafts...ETC.... lots going on!
this will be a picture post with explanations in-between.

Bethanys sleepover...yes, this is the only picture I got...that party was a blast! The girls had soooo much fun!

These next few are from our outing to the Wildlife Refuge just outside of town...this is the time of the year when all the Sand Hill Cranes are here, they fill the little lakes that are out at the refuge...didn't get many pictures of the birds, just the kids!

this one is of Sam in the backpack carrier my sister-in-laws sister-in-law let me borrow...Sam really liked it too!

Tyler checking out the birds with Daddy's binoculars

Daddy trying to get the telescope set up for Bethany and Ethan

Daddy and the kids down near the waters edge...we haven had any significant rain fall in a LONG time, so the lakes are really dry! The spot where they are standing is usually full of water!

Sam in her hat that Omi got her for Christmas!

Poor Tyler had another episode the first of February...doesn't he look pathetic!

Ethan's pinewood derby car.

yes, that is a king cake baby as the driver...I had to paint clothes on him!!

Ethan won 3rd place in his group

OK, well that is all for now, kids are home and getting into everything...I will try to do another post later.

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teamkyte said...

I really don't see why you can't blog everyday with pictures and fancy headers LOL! I love the slumber party pic - you are brave!