Sunday, June 14, 2009


a picture post of our first camping trip with our new pop-up.


the campsite rabbit


our site all set up!

the boys checking out the lake

the kids


Daddy, Sam & Tyler

Ethan found this when he was getting ready to take off down the trail to the playground Sunday morning!!!!

it had about 8 buttons on it rattler!

Bethany & Samantha (not sure why the pictures are in the middle now!)

Sleeping arrangements!
Bethany & Ethan playing a game
Sam trying to move her chair!
Bethany posing on the playground for a picture
Tyler getting ready to jump for the monkey bars
The kids on the pop up

we had a great time even though we only stayed over night. we LOVE our new pop up!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update on baby Abigail

Baby Abigail went to be with Jesus, please keep her sweet family in your prayers. Her Aunt Caryn is a babycenter mommy friend of mine, click on the button on the right to read about Abigail.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

busy week!

Samantha & a friend, a Field trip, Trike-A-Thon, t-ball, baseball,

Samantha & Maci

Maci really liked Sams shoes!

Bethany on her field trip having a PET scan! (one week before they started canceling out of County trips for the schools!)

Bethany & her BFF Destiny playing in the HUGE water table!

Bethany making giant bubbles!

Bethany flying the plane

some of her class with her teachers boyfriend, they just love him!

silly kids, how many can fit in a tire?

Bethany & Kayla with the space guy!

Tyler at his trike-a-thon

Tyler and his BFF Hayden

Me and Ty

Tyler playing train with some others

riding laps

Tyler and his class listening to instructions

my 3 little ball players

& their numbers

Bethany & Tylers team the Iron Birds

Ethans team the Lugnuts! (how appropriate!)

Bethany up to bat

Tyler up to bat

Ethan up to bat

Ethan in the outfield

Sam is not very interested in the game!

A Prayer Request

You will notice the new button on my sidebar...this is a friend of mine that I met over at babycenter back when we first had our October 07 babies, although we have never met in person, we would so be great friends if we did! She is a sweet and very wonderful mother of 5 and this baby is her niece...go to Caryns blog to check for updates on this sweet little beautiful baby girl!!!
And dont forget to keep them in your prayers!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you identify??

The lady parked next to me at Walmart the other day had 3 puppies in her truck...she said she had picked them up off the side of the road, the mother was killed...what do you think she has in her?????

She is the sweetest thing...she loves to be outside and gets along with our other 2 dogs and with the kids!

Her name for the time being is Brindle (original I know...). She may go with us to Lubbock tomorrow so I can find her a home.

Brindle and Samantha!


t-ball has started!!


Bethany running after the ball...

oh we are going to have a fun season...Tadd and I have been running around like crazy, 3 different fields @ 5:15 & 5:30...dinners have not been good this week and no one has been in bed till 9:00 or later! At least it is only a month!