Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Science Spectrum

Well I did it, I survived our first big school field trip!!! I must say, traveling 60+ miles each way on a school bus is not my idea of fun! Seeing all those kids jumping around and not one wearing a seat belt (when most of them should still be in car seats!!!) for those of you that don't know, I am a STICKLER for car seats!!!
Anyway, we had a lot of fun...we got to see the dinosaur exhibit, (Ethan's favorite) we got to see and touch and play with all kinds of neet things, we got to see how things worked and sound moves and bubbles...it was a fun day. Here are some pictures of what we did.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Samanthas new trick

Talking to my mom on the phone yesterday morning, we were talking about Samantha and how little she is compared to my niece and blah blah blah, not sitting up yet, but trying blah blah blah. I was telling her that Sam loves tummy time and she will lay in her quilt my mom made and just play with her toys for a long time, very contently. All of a sudden she got one knee underneath her, mom said she would be crawling with in the week. I said, no way! it will take her another few weeks to even get the other one there, then she has to get up on ALL 4's....well this is what I caught her doing! (please excuse the nakedness, we are trying to clear up a diaper rash by letting her go naked a few times a day!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TAG--from Kristi

OK, never done this before but here it goes...
7 random things about me you may not know

1) I love to drink hot tea in the mornings, I can not start my day without! It is an "addiction" I required from my dad who spend a summer in Russia and brought the tradition back to us.

2) I was a nanny for Tadd's cousin in New Orleans while I was in College, that is how we met.

3) I am so totally afraid of wasps...there was one in my house yesterday and by the time I got my neighbor over, it was gone...it was terrible, all I did all day was look for it, well it finally came out of hiding and flew to the back door and Tadd killed it!!!! They chase me all the time, if I see one outside, I will drop what I am doing and run inside...it is quite pathetic.

4) I am so very allergic to cats and rabbits. we are talking about full blown asthma attack!! My Mother-In-Law had a cat in the house years ago and when she moves furniture around or vacuums, I can not be there.

5) I love scrapbooking and making hair bows for my girls, but lately I can not seem to find the time to do either!

6) I dont like cheese!! Weird I know! when I was little I would not even eat pizza, I will now, and I like mac n cheese, but that is as far as it goes.

7) About 2 years ago I got tired of all the foolishness on TV, I hated the stupid commercials more than anything, and usually past 10am there was nothing good on for the kids, so we turned off the cable and it has been wonderful. We just signed up for that NetFlix and so far we love it. we can buy the kids DVD's and know what they are watching!!!!

well I guess that wraps up my Tag Blog...Since I only know a few people on here, I will tag the same ones Kristi did, Deborah & Kyra