Friday, March 6, 2009

could there really be more?

Now I really see now how busy February was for us!

this is my first attempt at a king cake... it was really really good! Thanks Laurelin for the recipe!

Bethany pulling Samantha and Kyle in the wagon.

Kyle had come to play for a bit while Deborah took the boy scouts for some badge training!

Mr. T on his bike...look, no training wheels!

Kyle and Samantha...Kyle is about 2 months younger than Sam, Deborah's boys are much bigger than my kids could ever hope to be!

playing with the magnetic letters!

the conversation started like is Samantha? Tadd-I don't know! Samantha-uh uh uh....we go running to the playroom and we find her about to discover the attic!

Sam with her babies! she is 17 months old today

my second king cake. I made it for Sorority at my house on was yummy!!

Kyle graced us with his presence again 2 days later...this time he brought his brothers to play too! Samantha is trying to give him the pecan back!

love this kid!

silly boys with guns!

Love this picture of Jacob. He is really growing up!

Riley....such a sweet little boy!

the boys were trying to run and hide from Bethany, she had the camera and was chasing them around taking pictures

OK...I promise the next post will have remodel pictures!

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Amanda said...

Love the remodel Annie! Guess what. You won my giveaway!!! Email me at and we'll get it worked out. Yay for you!!!