Sunday, March 8, 2009 promised!

This is a remodel project we started last year... this year it was mostly touch up paint, painting the ceiling, trim, build a shelf, finish tearing down wall paper in the kitchen, new sink faucet another hanging light above the table, spray painting everything that didn't match (recess light covers, ac vents...) just the little things that take so long to finish! ITS DONE!!!

old faucet

NEW faucet (the thing pulls out and it is also a sprayer!)

hole in the wall before the shelves.....

doorway to the living room before it is all done

new shelves!!!

Ignore everything in this picture
1) look into the kitchen, see the wall paper....
2) notice the white wall behind the TV...

1) GONE!!! I really love this color red, it just makes me happy now to go into the kitchen!

2) now it is grey to match the living room, we are taking the grey color all the way down the hall way and will repaint all the trim white!

extra hanging light over the table...long story...table sits right under the ac vent, the one light that we hung was off center and you really cannot move the table 8inches one way or the other, so we hung another light!

my large grouping...THANKS Faith!!!!

my smaller grouping...I just love these 10x10's she does for me!!

Now next year it will be the ugly carpet!!

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Steph said...

Good for you guys, it all looks GREAT! I really love the shelf in the kitchen. We have only about a million unfinished projects going on right now! Thanks for the inspirations that it CAN get done!