Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Summer trip...this time to Albuquerque

This trip was a last min. kind of trip...My sister Laurelin, had a dr. apt. in Albuquerque and she was going by herself, so, she had the day to do whatever. Tadd also happened to be off that day! At 6:30 am we packed up the kids, some snacks and a few changes of clothes (in case...) and headed out. We arrived there just as she got done with the dr. and we went to this place called "Explora" (thanks to Deborah for the suggestion!). Talk about FUN!!!! We all had a blast!

Aunt Lulu, Ethan & Bethany building tracks for the marbles out of PVC, plastic tubing, wood and pegs/peg cool that was!

Aunt Lulu and Samantha sliding the golf balls...this was Samanthas favorite!

yay!!! I did it!

Sam also liked watching the colored balls going around the tracks.

Ethan & Tyler making paths for the water to go through.

Bethany trying to make the glass disk sink or float?

does tin foil float or sink??? we found out that it will sink if it is flat, and it will float if you crumple it up!!! how interresting....

making "water ways" with plastic pieces.

Samantha in the baby room!

she had so much fun!

she really liked the mirrored cube!

Ethan wants in too!

Tyler trying to get the ball to 'float on air'

Tyler trying to get his sail boat to go with the help of the fan!

Bethany & Ethan learning about electricity!

Mommy and Tyler piecing together the shapes

the kids with the bubbles!

If you are ever in Albequerque you have to look this place up!!!! It was absolutly the best afternoon of learning!!!
After we left Explora, we took the kids to see Wall-E...I guess it was good, they liked it, I liked the little that I saw...Samantha was totaly NOT interrested, so we spent the other hour and a half walking around the lobby!!
We finaly made it home around post...Bethany had Mini Mule Cheerleading camp the next morning at 8am and Tadd had a board meeting at 10am!

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Steph said...

Hey Annie!

Love your blog! Your kids are getting so big too!

Your outing looks like it was really fun. My kids would love visiting a place like that!

You made me LOL, about the walking around the theater with Samantha for an hour. Been there, done that!