Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summer in a nutshell

Well, needless to say, we have had a busy few months! I will do my best to keep it short (HAHA).

Samantha and Andrew with the sitter at VBS

Bethany telling secrets to Isaac, our new best friend

Ethan, Tyler and Isaac playing in the pool

Ethan looses another tooth! #3

Ethan, Bethany and Samantha with the platter we made for daddy for fathers day!

Ethan, Kelan & Tyler being boys

kids painting in New one of our summer trip

kids on Jesse's boat at the Lake.

kids & Jason & Lynn at the Lake

Bethany in a tree at City Park...Day 2 of our trip

Bethany and Samantha in the tree

kids on the steps of the old bridge in City Park

kids at the zoo

petting the goats

in the petting zoo

Samantha didnt like getting close up, so Omi and Sam watched from behind the gate.

kids and the main guy at VBS at a church by Aunt Serahs house...they had fun.

Sam sporting a Cafe Du Monde hat!

kids at cafe du monde

Sam and cousin Nicola

the only picture so far of all 5 cousins together!

this is what happens after a long day of playing and a long car ride across the Causeway bridge.

kids feeding the ducks

on the city park train ride

getting ready for the train ride (my brothers and sisters and I rode this train when we were little)

Bethany & Tyler playing in Story Land

more fun in story land (this is "jack and jill)

my 3 little pigs!

swimming in Omi's back yard in the pool she bought for us! THANKS OMI!

Samantha wanted to join in the fun too! she could touch the bottom of the pool with her toes, she was walking around like she was in a was soooo funny!

kids at the Aquarium

Samantha likes the fish!

Cutie Pie!

Omi the seal, Bethany the starfish and Ethan being a goofball!

Sam and Nicola


Fun and Friends on the Fourth!
Jacob,Tyler, Brett, Ethan, Riley, Ainsley, Matthew.

More posts to come later today, right now I have to go get my pre schooler...

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