Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Summer 2008 part 2

4th of July, waiting for the fireworks to start
Christy, me, Samantha, Bethany, Gatlin, Dalton, Ethan & Tyler

Bethany & Tyler riding the train at the "linemans rodeo" in Lubbock

Tyler and Paige riding the train

Bethany repeling, well...kinda, she was so light that she couldnt really touch the wall, so she kinda just slid down the rope!

Daddy getting ready to do a mock rescue from an electrical tower, he is in the purple shirt with a red helmet

Daddy coming down off the tower.

My "baby gate" contraption to keep Samantha from going into the dinning room from the living room!

the one I made to block her from the kitchen

Samantha trying to help me sort the clean laundry!

Bethany was sopose to be feeding her, this is what I found! At least she likes her vegies

Tyler is 4!!!

Samantha and Bethany at 'the Cheese'

Tyler riding the monster truck

Bethany and Tyler and Chuck E Cheese

all the kids on the trampoline

Bethany and Samantha riding the horse!

A diaper cake I made for a friend, if you want one I do make them!!!!

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