Saturday, October 4, 2008


Well...I knew it was coming sooner than I would realize...Samantha is 1 year old!!!! A big deal I know...but a very sad day in my heart. We had a small party for her here at the house, 2 of her little friends came and her cousin and of course her brothers and sister, mom, dad, Meme, Memar & Aunt Tisha.
Here are a few of the pictures I got. Our Photographer Faith was here to capture some moments with pictures too, so I will share those when we get them.

Samantha in her party dress (I made the hat!)

Samantha making a cute face!

Samantha playing with her party hat

Samantha sitting patiently waiting for her cake!

we got a big cake and a little personal one for her to enjoy!

Ethan, Bethany, Samantha & Tyler

This is her cake after...she was really not to sure about making a mess with it. Ethan was the same way on his first birthday!

After the party...playing in the play room

here is a short video of me trying to get her to get messy with her cake!

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