Monday, October 27, 2008

It's OVER!

Well for those of you who dont know, this years PTA ME! I have really had a great time this year, we have a GREAT officers board...a really FUN group of moms that I am pleased to call my friends also!! Well this weekend was our annual Fall Festival, our biggest fundraiser of the year. Each year we take the money we raise at the Fall Festival and buy some really neet things for our 2 elementary schools, in the past we have bought TV's for the class rooms, t-shirts, Tuesday folders, a cool canopy for the picknick tables...and more...
this year we had a record number of posters turned in, made by the kids, to advertise for the festival, we also had WAY more kids turn out for the costume much fun!! We even ran out of tickets! TONS of parents and teachers and administrative personal turned out to voluntere their time Friday night and Saturday...and we truely appreciate all!!!! The night went off without a single problem (except a little one who threw up!)
Anyway...all this to say...anyone reading this that helped out this weekend...

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