Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, Christmas is over...the damage is done...we survived school parties, work parties, church activities, children's Christmas plays, 5 days in New Orleans including a 32 hour round trip drive and back just in time for Christmas with the In-Laws. Christmas day was very relaxing though, we spent most of the day at home alone.
We got a new mini DVD camcorder, we are not very good at working it yet, we lost everything we recorded while opening gifts at my moms and the kids opening gifts Christmas morning here at home! I did manage to get a few pictures in though...enjoy!

Look who we saw the other day...all decked up for Christmas!

here is my way of keeping my 14 month old out of my tree!

this is usually how group shots start out...Sam just wants to run to me

if I am lucky sometimes I can get a half decent one!

We had to down-size our tree this year...the one we have had for many years broke last year, it is an older tree, you have to wrap lights around each branch while you attach each individual branch on the takes a long time to do. So I went out looking for a tree stand and they were around $17, well at the dollar store, this nice little PRE LIT tree that comes in TWO pieces was only $25 so I got it!!

these next few pictures are of the kids playing at the park...this is the same park I use to play at growing up! It was fun...this is the first time I have been able to take the kids there, before the hurricane they were too little and after the hurricane the park has been a mess, well, since the last time we were there, they cut down the dead trees and are taking care of the looks really good!
This is the play equipment and rubber-floor-stuff my dads construction company put in when I was in JR. High!

notice the short sleeves!!!!!!!

this is one of Tyler's gifts from my mom, we went to Build a Bear and he chose to build an alligator - AKA Flick! (despite the look on is face...he really does like it, he just didn't want his picture taken)

When we were little, mom and dad would put up big ribbon over the hall doorway so we wouldn't go into the living room on Christmas morning with out them...this is a tradition I have kept with...this is actually the grand opening ribbon from when I had my ballet studio!

....And the children were nestled as snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads!

These are some I took with our new camcorder, the quality is not as good as my camera...
they are the only ones I got Christmas day! after I lost the video I kinda gave up!

my mom got Ethan this guitar, Bethany Loves it! tomorrow I will post the video I got of her singing a made-up song to is toooo funny...just think Phoebe on Friends!

Love the Young Family


Kyra Newberry said...

Glad you had a great Christmas in New Orleans! I know you enjoyed time with your parents!

Steph said...

I love the pictures of the kids sleeping! I should take some shots of my kids asleep, that's really precious! The big ribbon is a cute idea too. Our Santa leaves a trail of Hershey Kisses from our fireplace (in the playroom) to our tree (in the living room).

The gate around the tree is funny! Of course, you know, I didn't need to go there, myself. No ornaments means no curious hands pulling things off! LOL

Anyway, glad to see you and your family had such a wonderful Christmas! Here's to a great new year!

teamkyte said...

What great pix!!! I love the baby gate around the tree! We put our tree up on a table this year, it kept the babies out but not the darn cat! Our big changes maybe a new career for my dh. His job laid of 27 people NYE, he wasn't let go but it was supposedly the 1st round of layoffs....only time will tell!