Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little bit of catching up!

Well, you all will be glad to know that we are still here and doing well!
We have just been really busy!
* Our Mules have won themselves right into the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP game on Saturday night!!!!
* Christmas parties are in full swing!
* Class gifts have been bought
* Christmas cards have been made, purchaced and SENT!!!! (if you think you need one, email me your address!)
* Christmas gifts have been made
* Chocolate gifts are being made as we speak

Here are a few pictures too...

Bethany & Destiny
AKA "little rainbow" & "kind ranibow"

Bethany & Bode

me and the kids

Samantha all dressed for the COLD, in the hat and gloves Lulu made!!
(ps. the high for today is 32!)

Samantha is now trying to climb up the gate!!!
she always gets stuck~

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