Monday, April 20, 2009


HELLO!!!!!! Well, since I have been MIA, I have a lot to cover...bear with me, there are a lot of things that went on around here in the last month!

We will start before spring break....

here is my start to making shamrock shaped sugar cookies for the kids classes before spring break.

here is the first batch...

these are the ones for Bethanys class...they loved them

here is Tadd and Ethans mess....I mean....their start to their cake for the Dad & Lad cake contest at the Blue & Gold boyscout banquet.

here are the colors

here are the "eggs" Ethan decorated

This is a neet little egg mold pan I got at walmart, they pored the cake batter in these to make the eggs for the top of the cake!

here is the finished cake..."Hunting for Easter Eggs", they didn't win anything but they had a good time making it and it sure was yummy!!

Ethan taking a self portrait!

Ethan and I waiting to get our awards...they give each mom this really neet ribbon to wear around your neck, it is called 'mothers pride' and when the boy moves up in rank, the mom gets a new pin to put on it!

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